With over 20 years of professional teaching and playing experience, I can start you out from scratch on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and/or bass, and take your game up to the pro level. Unlike most professional players I have taught beginner to college level throughout my performing career and I maintain a fun and creative atmosphere that is still structured and catered to your needs. In person lessons allow for a more hands on approach and playing together. I also encourage my students to attend jam sessions and concerts I put on specifically for them.


in person lesson rates and policies

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Rates for weekly lessons paid monthly are $50/$25 per hour/half hour. If the student misses a lesson without proper notice it will be made up if the instructor’s availability allows, otherwise it will count as a lesson with no refund. If the instructor is unable to make a lesson I will make it up, refund it, or reduce the cost of the following month’s lessons to reflect that. Student concerts and jam sessions will be encouraged and made available for all monthly students.

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Rates for one off lessons not paid monthly are $70 per hour (minimum one hour lesson). Inquire for pricing of one off lessons for longer than one hour (particularly useful for out of town students traveling long distance).